The Jewish Bible

jewish bible

The Jewish Bible

The Jewish Bible

Also known as the Tanakh and the Mikra, the Jewish Bible is one of the most important Jewish texts in history. The Jewish Bible is also basis of the Christian Old Testament that contains texts in Aramaic and biblical Hebrew.

Throughout the years, there have been theories as to when the bible was written, and there is no one unanimous scholarly opinion on when the Jewish Bible was formed. The most common theories are that the valuable texts of the bible were written in the second century CE or in the Hasmonean dynasty.

Jewish Talmudians researched and suggested the 24 volumes of the Tanakh was competed in 450 BCE by the men of the Great Assembly. Another researcher named Louis Ginzberg suggests that it was Ezra who fixed the bible, and completed his task during the period of the Second Temple.

The 24 books of the Jewish Bible are divided into 3 major parts called Torah (teaching), Nevi’im (prophets), and Ketuvim (writings). Within the Jewish people, there are those that believe the different writing styles throughout the Bible are a sign they were different people who depicted what they saw in the era they lived in.

There are also those who refuse to believe that the bible was written by flesh and blood people, and they believe the bible is a divine creation. For centuries, there have been debates on how the bible was written, and how to interpret the book. The orthodox Jewish community believes that the Torah is divinely inspired, and that they must adhere to it as the word of god.

Aside from the written Torah, Orthodox Jews believe that god continued to deliver his messages through rabbis, and that his words compile the Oral Torah. The Oral Torah holds the statutes, laws, and legal interpretations that every Jew must adhere to.

The Jewish Bible is the most sacred book to the Jews, and many of them practice the laws in this book religiously. While it can be argued when and by whom the Bible was written, its impact on Jews and other religions is undeniable, and will continue to be a valuable book throughout time.

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