Jewish Kiddush Cup

Jewish Kiddush Cup

Tips For Buying A Jewish Kiddush Cup – Goblet


Traditionally, a Jewish goblet has a place of honor among the Jews. The goblet is used when reciting the Kiddush, which is a blessing, said over the wine during Sabbath or over the holidays to acknowledge the sanctity of that day. Red or white wine or grape juice is used. Usually a Jewish Kiddush cup – goblet is used to serve the wine, as you cannot just use any ordinary glass.


The mugs are made using different materials. They can be made using gold or ceramics. You can also opt for a silver plated or Gold Plated Jewish Kiddush cup.


The mugs come in different designs. Some designs have been hand crafted. The basic difference in designs is that some mugs have stems and a base and others do not. Others have polished or hammered finishes and enamel decorations. Some have goblet gold plates. The work of the tray or coaster is to catch any wine that might spill. Some mugs can be custom engraved, while others are basic and have no engraving.


Children also like to participate in the occasion. Make it possible for them to do so by getting them their own mug. Get a mug that has been designed to appeal to children to ensure that your child loves it.


These mugs also make a great Mitzvah or wedding gift, as they are elegant and come in sleek and modern designs. These mugs will last over a lifetime and make Shabbat extra special over the years.

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